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Monday, November 01, 2004

Think before you vote

Being election eve I feel it's very important you think seriously before casting your ballot.
If anyone has read my articles, it's very obvious I'm against Kerry. One of the major reasons I would never vote for him is the war on terror. Think back to pre 9/11, how we handled terrorism.We for the most part did nothing. Oh well, they've bombed an Embassy in some far off land and we've suffered a few casualties. Who can we attack, a country didn't do this or if one was behind it (think Libya) then we lob a few missiles to punish them and go back to business as usual. But 9/11 changed that because it wasn't a distant outpost of ours it was an attack on our very soil. Bush changed the way we deal with terrorist, and it's working, Osama coming out with that tape a couple of days of go is proof that it's working. The terrorist want Bush out and Kerry in because they believe that Kerry will go back to the old way of dealing with them, and I believe he will too. Kerry wants it more as a law enforcement issue, were terrorism is a nuance (since when is American citizens being attacked and killed a nuance?).
He will not be commited to hunting them down were ever they are, cutting off their finances, attacking the countries who continue to help them. The saftey of our country should be number one, everything else is secondary.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Important info on Bin Laden

The Bin Laden tape recently released is meant to influence the election. The media misinterpreted his speech as meaning he was threatening the entire country. Actually he was threatening each individual state that votes for Bush, as reported at Memri. This is the leader of Al-Qaida that we are at war with, the group that attacked and killed over three thousand United States Citizens on 9/11. For Bin Laden to come out days before the election with these threats is a clear endorsement for John Kerry. George W. Bush is being very effective in the war on terror, with dismantling Al-Qaida, that Bin Laden is using propaganda and threats to try to influence how American citizens will vote. If Bush wasn't harming Al-Qaida you can bet that nothing would have been said. Al-Qaida is hurting, three quarters of their leadership has been killed or captured. They want Bush out of office because they have correctly assessed that Kerry will not be effective against him. They believe that Kerry will revert back to the way we use to deal with terrorism, which was minimally if at all. I happen to believe Kerry will do just that, to our own detriment. I don't believe Kerry understands foreign policy, he is more concerned with domestic issues. I base this on Kerrys voting record in the senate as well on what he has said campaigning. When Kerry wants it to be a law enforcement issue it only shows he has no clue about how to deal with terrorist. Those methods have been used in the past, and they don't work. When the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, we treated it as a law enforcement issue. We did capture a few of the guys responsible and put them in jail, but did nothing to prevent future attacks. You have to go after the terrorist, the states that sponsor them, their finances, if you truly want to be effective in removing the threat. I don't know about you, but I will not let Bin Laden dictate to me who I should vote for. President Bush gets my vote because I believe he is the best man for the job of protecting our country.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Osama, die die die

We know now that the low life scum is still alive...ackkk.
I'm sure most of you have seen the tape by now. The idiot is trying to influence our election, which I don't think he will get the results he wants. Is there still a 25 million dollar bounty on him? I sure wish I could find his rotten ass and claim the money, I sure could use it and I'd be doing the world a favor.

Look who's endorsed Kerry

Kerry has tons of endorsements from the liberal newspapers but this endorsement caught my eye. It really says a lot if you think about it. Tells who the terrorist would like to see as our next President, and if that isn't enough to scare you then you must be in la la land. Yasser Arafat came out in support of Kerry a couple of days ago. Arafat the leader of the PLO, the one who started the terrorist attacks on Israel, the one who has killed Israeli children. Arafat, the one with so much blood on his hands he could never be clean if he washed for a million years. I would wager that all the terrorist support Kerry, they don't want Bush in office. They know Bush means business, that if you mess with the USA your going to pay. Obviously they feel that Kerry would wage a kinder, gentler war on terror if a war on terror at all.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Where are the weapons?

The October surprise this election is what happened to the 380 tons of highly explosive conventional weapons missing from Iraq. Well, this is not a new story, it was reported 18 months ago. Yet the liberal press drags it out once again to try and hurt Bush. Kerry sure jumped on the story very quickly, actually had an ad the next day-something seems fishy to me. But it shouldn't surprise me that the liberal media would help Kerry, give him a heads up about the big story. Kerry has been ranting and railing against Bush over this subject, but what's new. The world according to Kerry is everything is Bush's fault, I'm surprised he hasn't blamed him for the hurricanes that hit Florida. But back to the weapons, no one knows what happened to them. Were the weapons there prior to our invasion? Were they looted, but if looted it would have taken a helluva lot of dump trucks to pack away 380 tons, not something that would go unnoticed in a time of war. Logic seems to point to the removal of these explosives prior to our arrival. Yet to hear Kerry tell it, he knows exactly what happened to them-Bush let them get away into the hands of terrorist. Well, now wait just a second-if terrorist got them then terrorist would have been in Iraq at the start of conflict and that would confirm Bush's claim that Iraq was a threat. I find it highly irresponsible for Kerry to claim he knows anything about these missing weapons. Is it impossible for him to tell what he would do if elected rather than telling what he considers Bush's failures? I really hear no plans just him complaining and it's getting old. And one thing he never tells when talking about this is the 600,000 tons of weapons that we have secured in Iraq, half of which have been destroyed. They're working on destroying the rest because that is such a huge amount of weaponry, it takes time to destroy it all.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kerry for cutting taxes on the wealthy?

Kerry says he will cut the taxes for the middle class and tax the wealthiest Americans. Well, it just so happens that Kerry is very wealthy and his wife more so. Last year Teresa made over 5 million and do you know what she paid in taxes? She paid over six hundred thousand in taxes. Now that might seem like a lot to you but in reality she paid in the twelve percent tax bracket. The middle class have a higher tax bracket than that. Just another lie by Kerry. I believe that Kerry will raise taxes, though him and his wife won't be paying the big tax bills, we will. I've watched the campaign very closely and Kerry has changed positions so many times that he can't be trusted. He lies so much, for instance he said he had an SUV, then said he didn't, then said it was family members who have them. He lied about Cambodia, he was never there. When he went to Vietnam he picked the swift boats because they had never seen action, and he was in Vietnam for four months though he said he served a term which is a year. Then after the war he comes home and calls his fellow soldiers murderers, rapist, torturers, razing villages like Ghenghis Khan. The thing is he didn't see any of these events. He saw a way to use the war to his advantage. Most people don't know this but Vietnam has a statue of Kerry there, they consider him a hero. He met with the enemy in Paris. While our POWs were in prison camps he was speaking out against the war and the POWs were being persuaded to sign war crimes and they refused to do it because they were not war criminals. I believe Kerry wanted to be President since he was a child. He will say anything to get elected and play what ever dirty tricks to get there.

The Democratic Party, are they really for the people?

I've heard for years ad nauseum that the Democratic Party are the party of the worker, for inclusion, peoples rights. But is that really true? Let's look at some facts. The Dems raise taxes more than the Republicans, which is not good for the workers or middle class. Most jobs are created by small businesses yet the Dems want to raise taxes on those making 200 thousand a year-well small businesses make that or more and by taxing them jobs will be lost. The burden will be placed on the middle class as it usually is because they're more people in the middle class than any other class. When taxes are cut it creates jobs and also gives more money in your pocket, raising taxes hurts business and therefore the workers and the economy. Dems for inclusion? Well, only if you agree with them. Let's look at this election year. The film Fahrenheit 9/11 came out, I didn't see the Bush administration threatening Michael Moore to pull the movie or else. A documentary of Kerry was to run on Sinclair Broadcasting were the vets and POWs who served in Vietnam could tell their story and how Kerrys anti war efforts hurt them. The Kerry camp tried to silence them. They went to the FCC and on Fox and Friends I saw a Kerry advisor say "They (SB) better hope we don't get elected." Sounds like a threat to me. This is the party of inclusion,the party for free speech? Well, only if the speech agrees with them otherwise they want to shut you up, that sounds like communism to me. I have a lot of respect for Ron Silver, a democrat, who is supporting Bush this election. Now he has seen first hand that if you don't agree with the democrats that you are no longer wanted and are to be shut up. In another news story a business man from a predominately democratic neighborhood has had his business vandalized because he put Bush/Cheney posters at his business. The posters were constantly ripped down, and replaced with Kerry/Edwards stickers. His business partner was going to vote for Kerry until he saw how unfair the democrats are, now his vote will go to Bush. Another big news story is that democrats invade Republican headquarters and vandalize them. This makes me sick, because I thought we were supposed to be a free country were our voices are heard. Obviously we will never agree on everything, but why would one party treat another party like this. The democrats call Republicans Nazis-well it seems to me that the democrats act like Nazis not the Republicans. After all the Nazi party in Germany was called the Democratic Socialist Party...hmmm Also,6 million card carrying American communist have joined the Democratic party during the last fifty years. Which shows were the strong socialst leanings come from. The one that really irks me is the democratic ads saying that the republicans will suppress the black vote. That is so untrue and the democrats use the black people to get elected then do nothing for them. The fear tactics they use are the same election cycle after election cycle. First they tell the senior citizens that if you elect a republican you will lose your social security check-well thats never happened. Then they tell the blacks that voter suppression will happen-if people remember history it was a republican who freed the blacks from slavery. Also the Bush administration has some very great black leaders in the cabinet, Powell and Rice. Oh and lets not forget the abortion issue-abortion will not be over turned, the President doesn't have the power to do that. I'm sad to say that a lot of American people really don't know how our government works. A President cannot do anything he wants, he cannot pass laws on his own. The bill he wants passed has to go to congress and if they pass it then it goes to the senate and if they pass it then he signs it. I have more rants to write about this issue, this is enough for now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why Kerry shouldn't be elected

We are living in dangerous times and we need a President who can deal with the threats that we face.I don't believe John Kerry is the man for that job.His Senate record speaks to that loud and clear.Kerry is the most liberal member of the Senate, which surprised me because I always thought thatdistinction went to Ted Kennedy.I've watched both campaigns closely, saw both conventions, and I was stunned when Kerry gave hisacceptance speech. I thought, this is the man who is the most liberal Senator? He sounds like a hawk to me..hmmmWell as all of us have seen Kerry has flip flopped on just about everything and I believe he is saying what he thinks the American people want to hear. He knows that if he came out as an antiwar,keep the peace at all cost candidate that he wouldn't be elected.No one wants war but there are times when you must defend yourself or your allies.Kerry wants a global test, which means go to the UN and ask the security counsel if we can take action.Well, we saw how that went when the Bush administration tried that. France, Germany, Russia, and China wereagainst taking action, and now we know why. The oil for food fiasco tells the real reason why are so called alliesvoted against us, they were getting kick backs from Saddam and also were creditors to him. They didn't want to lose billions of dollars they had loaned him and wanted to continue making more money from him. Who cares that he was killing his own people, supporting terrorist, and could have weapons of mass destruction.Kerry says that this war was at the wrong time; well what about the first war with Iraq? Was that wrong too?Iraq invaded Kuwait and Saddam was told to remove his forces by the global community, he didn't, so the Un gave the okay for war. Kerry voted against that war in the Senate. Think about that-Iraq invades a small defenseless country to take control of their oil and Kerry doesn't vote to take action. I'm stunned that he would vote that way, imagine the ramifications if no one had acted to remove Iraq from Kuwait. Iraq would have the largest oil supply in the world, which would not be a good thing. You think gas prices are high now, imagine how high they would be if Saddam controlled the supply.Saddam wasn't going to stop at Kuwait, Saudi Arabia was next on his agenda. So why did Kerry vote against the Persian Gulf war? In my opinion he doesn't understand foreign policy at all, which at these dangerous times welive in is unacceptable. Kerry received advice to be more middle of the road, more hawkish to get elected, but if he does become President he will revert to his normal self, which is a pacifist ultra liberal person. If that's what you want for a Commander in Chief then vote for him, but I don't want someone who is too weak to defend this nation. I know that politicians say a lot of things that they full well know can't be implemented in order to get votes, but Kerry takes the prize for his rhetoric. I have never seen someone change their mind, i.e., flip flop as much as Kerry has. I want a President who knows his mind, what to do in a crisis and will stick to his decision no matter what the world is saying. Thank God that Bush was President when 9/11 happened because if it would have been Gore I firmly believe that minimal action would have occurred if any. Gore might have lobbed a few missiles at the terrorist training camps, but more than likely he would have said "We know Al- Quada was behind this attack but since there is no country behind it we can't take action." I don't want a President who is indecisive, more worried about what the Global community thinks than the safety of this country. If Kerry is elected we'll have him for four years and no one knows what crisis's will occur at the time. Maybe something even worse than 9/11, and that scares me because I don't trust him to make the right decisions. I'm also concerned that Kerry will withdrawal our troops from Iraq very quickly which would have terrible ramifications. Iraq would be worse off than before the removal of Saddam, Iran would take part of the country, civil war would break out and an Islamic Cleric would have a lot of control and enforce Islamic law. Iraqis wouldn't be a free country but a country like Iran. I believe John Kerry is a good man, loves his family and his country, but I don't think he will be aggressive on the war on terror. I'm an Independent, I want the best man for the job and I believe that President Bush is that man.